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A Fleeting World : Paintings by Sunil De


Aakriti Art Gallery
January 12 to January 29


The current enthusiasm for cool, distanced conceptual strategies threatens at times to transform abstract painting into a purely cerebral understanding. Sunil De reminds us of the pleasures to be found in visual seduction. His abstractions are pulsating markers woven from whiplash lines, coloured fields and an occasional sweep. They glow with an inner richness and trembling of the soul while incorporating the shadows behind them as part of their careening, shifting energy.

He reminds us that the progression of a painter's work is toward clarity, toward the elimination of all obstacles between the painter and the idea, and between the idea and the observer. He gives as examples of these obstacles: memory, history and geometry. These works suggest a passage of time for Sunil, an extremely precocious painter in his early years, both in time, his own evolution and the body he produces. The dynamism in the present series is a subtle indication of changed circumstances. Sunil's paintings their power and mediate upon the final disjuncture between consciousness and the physical world, upon the irreducible commensurability between thought and experience. He pursues a development that is at once instinctive, sensuous and fluid.



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