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Direction- Rituparno Ghosh.
Cast: Mamata Shankar, Dipankar De,
Ananya Chatterjee and Jishu Sengupta.
Running at: Nandan, Priya, Star

After the long wait, Rituparno Ghosh's 'Abohoman' released for public screening on January 22. In the meanwhile, it had made the usual festival rounds as usual, travelling to the Pusan International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival and Morocco Film Festival, all in 2009. And with this film, Rituparno is back to his 'Utsav' days, dealing with relationships, excelling in richly photographed interiors, and for a change, even mind blowing exteriors. Aveek  Mukhopdhyay's camera as usual does magic.

Ghosh had said in various interviews before the release of the film that this is not, as opposed to what had been reported during the shooting of the movie, a fictional take on the relationship between the celebrated Bengali actress Madhavi Mukherjee and the master filmmaker, Satyajit Ray. But, the film actually establishes that Ghosh was trying to play it soft. The film is replete with various moments and clues that establish the fact that filmmaker Aniket (Dipankar Dey) is indeed the fictionalised version of Ray. The room where he writes his script is too close to the one at Bishop Lefroy Road, where Ray used to work. His son, Apratim (Jishu Sengupta) is nicknamed Aputhe name of the hero of Ray's first trilogy, 'Pather Pachali', 'Apur Sansar' and 'Aparajito'. Moreover, Sikha (Ananya Chatterjee) hails from North Kolkata, and does theatresomething which is strangely similar to how Madhavi Mukherjee began her career.

However, such similarities notwithstanding, the real beauty of the film lies in the script, that talks more about life in the guise of cinema-making and stellar performances by Ananya Chatterjee, Mamata Shankar, Dipankar De and Jishu Sengupta.



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