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Month after month, the art scene is getting stronger in Bengaluru and July is a great example. Viewers are going to the galleries which are sharing great shows with them. Pick up a gallery's name and check what's happening with them. There is always something happening in the garden city.

Architecture as Inspiration

Mahua organized Architecture as Inspiration, a group show exploring the aesthetics of buildings and urban spaces. Emotions, colours, ideas and environmental statements are well captured and takes the viewers from Rajasthan to Benares, Kutch to Goa or simply to the artists' world. A well thought exhibition to tackle one of our 21st century challenges.

The Power of Line

Galerie Sara Arakkal brought to us The Power of Line, an exhibition of drawings by more than 70 artists from all over India curated by Yusuf Arakkal. The show could have been cluttered and meaningless but instead it was light, unusual and captivating. We saw lots of unseen works of well known artists. And Yusuf shared with us some works of his personal collection. A real pleasure to the eyes.

103°C Yellow Fever & other works

SKE showed 103°C Yellow Fever & other works of Zakkir Hussain. The artist takes us to a third dimension located between dreams and nightmares. He displays his fears with a touch of colours. He plays with references to mythology and surrealism. You can discover Zakkir's world till mid August.

Fictionnal Divisions

Blue Spade presented Fictionnal Divisions, a group show of artists exploring the gallery's favourite subject, the divide between Urban and Rural landscapes. Interesting works by Akshay Hegde who attempts to put words on fast urbanisation.

New works by Malay Saha

Right Lines introduced new works by Malay Saha. He explores stills of chairs, sofas or seats. Or should we say he explores a dimension of power, influence and comfort. The chairs are trendy these days …

Past Continuous

The artist Shantamani showed her latest works, Past Continuous, photomontages of views of Bangalore, a city struggling to preserve her past and tame her future.

Works of Srividya GS

Time & Space displayed the works of Srividya GS, one of their well groomed artists, who surprised us with profound charcoals and refreshing watercolours reminding us a trip to the country of blossoming cherry trees.

All that is rarefied, abstract and abstruse

The Goethe Institute launched a series of monthly lectures on contemporary art. Roger M. Buergel brought us light on all that is rarefied, abstract and abstruse. Great initiative from the institute! We would love to see more of those.

Shailaja Gidwani
We have also enjoyed the Shailaja Gidwani's show presented by Galerie De Arts.

Shakespeare told and retold

The National Gallery of Modern Art started a new series of documentaries and movies on Shakespeare told and retold. Macbeth, Romeo and Juliette, Othello, Hamlet reviewed by Orson Welles, Kurosawa, Wess or Kaurismaki. A way to make your weekends meaningful till mid September.


   - Franck Barthelemy   




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