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Ram Kumar (born 1924, in Shimla, India) is a contemporary Indian artist who has been described as one of India's foremost abstract painters. Educated as an economist with an M.A. from St. Stephen's College, Delhi, Ram Kumar took classes at the Sharda Ukil School of Art, and then went to Paris and studied further there under Andre Lhote and Fernand Léger. He was befriended by S.H. Raza and MF Hussain. Ram Kumar paints abstract landscapes, usually in oil or acrylic. He lives and works in Delhi. Some of the works of Ram Kumar had been sold at various international auction houses at high prices, some of which includes Vagabond sold at Christie's New York for EUR 637,800 in 2008, Falling Bird sold at Sotheby's New York for EUR 390,382 in 2006 and Benares sold for EUR 324,753 at Christie's New York in 2006. 




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