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Jayanta Roy
9 February to 9 March 

Jayanta Roy was trained as a sculptor, but in the recent years he has been concentrating solely on painting. Jayanta Roy got his first major exposure when his work was selected at the Gennext Show hosted by Aakriti Art Gallery in 2006. His paintings have got simple compositions with layered images which are sometimes deceptive to the eyes. Roy works on the subjects of acknowledgement and acuity. Different signs and symbols are an integral part of his works, through which he exudes a sense of humour or sarcasm. The paintings are done with limited colours but bear signs of variations and there is a sense of serenity in all his works. The pleasure one can derive by looking at his paintings is subdued in the bleak limitations of means or resources. In this particular exhibition, Roy has also displayed his sculptures, which complement the riddle he portrays through his paintings. The works of Roy has got more of cerebral appeal than mere visual appeal. Superficiality however remains in embedded in all his works with varying magnitude. The works have got the existence of both exposure and disguise and through them Roy asks many questions in the present day trivial language. This has given him a prominent place in the contemporary modern art scenario.





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