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Black Candy


Mithu Sen
Chemould Contemporary Art Gallery
23 February to 20 March

Mithu Sen has worked with sexuality, intimacy and identity in her previous years. At present she is working on male psyche and gaze denoting playful and serious images of the cherished lives of man in a series of large scale drawings. These are accompanied by sound installations comprising of hilarious, atypical, vicious and bizarre sound bites. Sen offers a totally new experience for the viewers which is experimental as well as consistent with her pattern of using texts and images in her works. Though she has got a strong feminine perspective, still in this series of works she portrays her observation about men in play. The images of 'Black Candy' form a mass of accounts on maleness. This has enabled Sen to explore alternate facets and expressions. 'Black Candy' is a continuation and expansion of the approaches of Sen's earlier projects that used self portraiture, text, word or sound as a thematic and conceptual element in her work.






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