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Bonhams : Fine Writing Instruments New York

  Top 6 lots sold on 17th June, 2010

Lot No: 127B
Dunhill NAMIKI, Four Piece Anniversary Set Limited Edition Maki-e Fountain Pens sold at $31,720

Lot No: 66
MONTBLANC, Johannes Gutenberg Limited Edition 42 Fountain Pen sold at $18,910

Lot No: 60
MONTBLANC, Limited Edition Brandenburger Tor '89 Limited Edition Fountain Pen sold at $18,300


Lot No: 69
MONTBLANC, Georges Pompidou Limited Edition 77 Fountain Pen sold at $17,690

Lot No: 57
MONTBLANC, Arena di Verona Limited Edition 49 Fountain Pen sold at $16,470

Lot No: 73
MONTBLANC, Sakura Precious Version Limited Edition 8 Limited Edition Fountain Pen sold at $16,470


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