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Raj Mahtani loves to surprise people every time with his brand new collections. His creations are bold with the use of large uncut diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls. The designs are so beautifully done that they are just befitting for every outfit and occasions. The jewellery for the wrists or necklaces which he makes have his signature touch and mark of excellence. Priya Bachhawat talks to Raj Mahtani about his creations in his fabulous jewellery store on Park Sreet- Satramdas Dhalamal.

P.B - What first got you interested in jewellery designing? Any other passion?

R.M - As a child I was interested in fine arts. I enjoyed painting, playing the sitar and designing clothes as well. I got into jewellery by default as my family was already in the business. I actually wanted to be an actor in Bollywood or in theatre. Jewellery designing was always a part of me from the day I joined work, but I have honed my skills in the last few years as I have been very focused on designing.

P.B - What is your favourite making technique and why?

R.M - I try and make every piece of jewellery like a work of art. I think adding detail like enameling and adding dimension are the most important aspects along with making the piece very supple and soft so that there is movement and fits the neck like second skin.

P.B - What are your best-selling items?

R.M - Our best selling items are my signature larger-than-life necklaces that most women love. I like the fact that they are one of the pieces that are almost aspirational.

P.B - What's the best thing about being a jewellery designer?

R.M - The fact that design in jewellery has not been explored at all in the last few decades makes it very challenging to be a jewellery designer. There is so much work to be done in terms of structure, design and styling. These are exciting times for a jewellery designer because women have become feisty, independent and more demanding.
Because women have become feisty, independent and more demanding.

P.B - It seems like you have drawn your inspiration from many wonderful sources? I always believed in the idea “Do what you love and the success will follow”, your thoughts on this?

R.M - I have always believed in following my passion with excellence. I think the reward in terms of money is of little importance.

P.B - What's your client profile?

R.M- Our client profile is varied and very interesting. My clients are avant-garde, women who know their minds and are often very bold. They come from a cross-section of society i.e. industrialists, business women, professionals, bankers, film stars and celebrities from all over the world.

P.B - Since you have a passion for Art, how does it have an impact on your designing?

R.M - Art plays a very important role in my design sensibility. A beautiful painting can inspire and help create the most beautiful piece of jewellery. The colours and texture in a painting create sculpture in jewellery.

P.B - Your jewellery speaks only of chunky big pieces of diamonds, emeralds, rubies etc. Does the size really matter?

R.M - Size really matters! As my design sensibility has an underlying baroque and Mughal flavour, the large, chunky diamonds, emeralds and rubies help create the magic of bygone era. So the overall feeling is Euro-medieval-Mughal period with a contemporary modern edge.

P.B - What do you feel about the current contemporary trend in jewellery?

R.M -
I don't particularly care for passing phases as a piece of jewellery lives forever.


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