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Dakshin Paschim


Group Show

23rd April to 15th May
Emami Chisel Art

'Dakshin  Paschim' is a collection of artworks from the Southern and Western part of our country. The exhibition comprises of artists whose works follow divergent trends within the spectrum of the indigenous regional boundaries. Along with the established names like Haku Shah, Jahangir Savabala, Amit Ambalal, S. Nandagopal, Suryaprakash, S.G.Vasudev, there are also some promising young artists like Manoj Kachangal, Alok Bal, Barun Chowdury, Jaideep Mehrotra and others. Trained in different art institutions such as J.J.School of Art, Mumbai, M.S.U. Baroda in the West and Madras Art College, Chennai in the South, the works of the artists included in the show have evolved with certain distinct specific elements. With the passage of time the regional boundaries are diluting their specificity and this is best reflected in the works of the younger generation who have incorporated the changing manifestations of the contemporary scenario.








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