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Different hues of Aakriti
    Different hues of Aakriti

The month of July brings in relief from the sweltering heat as it brings rain. At Aakriti, apart from Ritendra Roy's show, Tapas Biswas's sculptures would be on view from the 26th of June.

Meanwhile, Aakriti Art Gallery would be hosting its annual show 'Gennext'. If you are an aspiring artists below the age of forty then you can send some images of your works along with a detailed resume in a C.D for participation in this year's show. The last date for submissions is 30 June.

    Online exhibition : P.R. Narvekar

P. R. Narvekar, born 1950. After receiving his diploma in Fine arts (drawing & painting) from J. J. School of art, Mumbai and receiving a gold medal in 1974, Narvekar turned to textile design. After a short stint, he began experimenting with painting through various mediums. He uses the human form as the basis of his expression and experimentation. His rhythmic lines, whether thick, zigzag or broken designs create a sense of volume in the figures. Narvekar has shown his works in Balgandharva Art Gallery 1976 and Gallery Leela in 1998-99, 2001- '02, '03, '04, and '05. His works were also exhibited at Cymroza Art gallery in 2004 and Jehangir Art gallery in 2001-2005. He has been awarded by the Bombay Art Society in 2001.

    Featured artist : Prabhat Basu

Prabhat Basu, born 1957. Basu graduated from the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 1980. He has two solo shows to his credit, one held at the Museum of Reading Gallery, England in 2006 and another in the Art Age Gallery in 1994. He has participated in a series of group exhibitions in the major cities of India as well as abroad. To mention a few are 'Beyond Convention' held at Anant Art Gallery, Kolkata in 2009, 'Figure in the Mind', Kanvas Art Gallery, Kolkata in 2008, 'Time Trace Transition' at Art Mosaic Gallery in Singapore in 2007, 'Video Communication India, Open Hand Open Space, Open Studio show at Jelly Leg'd Gallery, England and in the group shows of Open Window and Painters 80 across the country. His works are in the collection of Glenbarra Art Museum, Japan and private collections in Germany and Belgium. He lives and works in Kolkata.

    Art Shop

The Art Shop at Aakriti Art Gallerey's Hungerford Street premises in Kolkata is an interesting place. The idea of the art shop was actually to bridge the gap between the art world and the potential connoisseur. Thus for the new collector, it offers paintings and sculptures within a reasonable price range. At the same time, innovative art pieces like mouse pads, bags, coffee mugs each printed with an original painting by some of India's frontline artists, including Bikash Bhattacharya, Jogen Chowdhury and Satish Gujral are available. Beside these, it also offers monographs on individual artists, At the same time, the art shop also offers the latest issues of magazines like Art: News & Views, Art etc, Gallerie, Art Journal, Depart, Art & Deal. Subscription of magazines like Art: News & Views, Art etc and Gallerie are also accepted.

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Selection from a string of forum discussions
Benefits of Art

Posted by Liana Metal on September 7, 2009 at 1:38pm
What can art offer you? Apart from material benefits I mean.
How do you feel when you create?
Is Art a way of living after all?
I've read a book about Art therapy in seniors; art is healing.
Your views?
Reply by sadia jamal on September 12, 2009 at 1:53pm
As an artist what i feels is that art something more than just material benefits ....
its more like a thinking process , or you can say its the channel with which i execute my thoughts and what i adopts from my surroundings ....i read art therapy as wel and belives its gives one a strength and motivate alot ,,, its all depends how you carry your way of living with art.... for me art is more a healing processes not for individuals but for societies ...
Reply by Liana Metal on September 13, 2009 at 3:18pm
Hi Sadia,
Thanks for stopping by...I agree with you-- art is good for everyone, regardless age and should be incorporated in communities. This month I visited quite a few art events locally and met interesting people. Some of them were willing to talk about Art and their personal views. I will host some on my blog at http://
Reply by Shashi Prasad on September 16, 2009 at 1:26pm
Art for me is expressing/ sharing/ contributing, your own views on any subject of art!! It's about finding & exploring yourself ....which subject / particular art gives you more satisfaction. Every artist needs to realise that he/she is blessed with something extraordinary....the art is a medium / source which will take you to your desired destination. The journey will be full of joys n sorrows... but if you can find solace/ peace in travelling through the journey....that means you r on a right track.
Seeing your own creation of a good like giving birth to a healthy baby!! I can go on n on I luv these kinds of intellectual talks/ thoughts...
Reply by Liana Metal on September 18, 2009 at 12:44am
Hi Shashi,
thanks for contributing. Out (sic) art journey is a non stop one, it's a way of life for most of us...some people just can't realize how important it is to create, the joy of creation...the satisfaction of the soul-- for it is the soul we need to satisfy... I'd like to try spiritual art, to see how it feels. Do you listen to music when you create or do you prefer silence?

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