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Here, in these pages, is ample material to enjoy, and mull over: insightful interviews, glimpses of two 'pinnacles' of modern world art. Then, the chuckle-inducing narrative of fairs, tasty lore on work-in-progress across the length and breadth of the land. So nothing's dull, nor null- at least for those for whom art-craft is the pulse of life.

At the current moment of time, artists would seem to leave no stone unturned in search of the golden fleece of novelty, that is never seen before or ever felt. They would want to give a jolt to a too often sleepy public. No doubt, doing this some toes are bound to be trodden upon.

The itch to be noticed, and the zeal to over reach are youthful drives, and need not beg pardons. So be it, till the presently topsy- turvey socio-economic hurly- burly settles down to a semblance of civility and calm. An excitable hour this, and we better watch and await, and not harshly judge the doings of a heady breed that has not known any other drama but that put up by the adman, or admass. Sooner or later, though, from this very merry- go- round may well miraculously arrive those of the artists whose effusive enthusiasm is chaperoned by the higher reason of the heart.

Still, we just have got to let the wielders of brush and paint at first sow their wild oats. In a world of nothing but breakneck material or media change, not veggies but synthesized fabrics are the soul's food. Artists masticate those indigestible with their saliva in pipe-dreams as in hair-raising nightmares. So what else do you, the viewers, expect, except desperate measures, in order to come to grips with a situation without parallel.

At a time when the art cannon is dead as a dodo, and all is for free, it is do as you please: sheer steam let off, spleen given a vent with all you are worth. And as for those who don't paint like these last and just live in the backwaters of the provinces, culling imitations from the great bygones.

Truly, what you observe around you in the metres right now is but a first act, a teenage one. In due course, surely, maturer (as multi-visioned), acts of art are bound to humble us. And that will be thanks to the India of the creative imagination, a learning which can only be bestowed by a body of artists who live here and now, but who also have a foot in the eden that mankind masons out of the innermost vaults of its own being. Those works then will be pricy, but minus any price tags.



   Keshav Malik





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