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Anything new necessarily doesn't suggest a complete disjuncture in the present; on the other hand it also generates an expectation of something not known before. This paradox of the new has haunted the domain of artistic practice since the Renaissance as it was reduced to an aesthetic exercise from its initial position of spectacle of life, death and eternity.

This notion of the new has been triggered over and over again whenever art has directly acknowledged the collaboration of science and technological innovations. The impact of science was directly felt on art since the Renaissance. Renaissance finally compressed time and space as a representational tool but also in the process reduced art activity into a self contained practice of improvisation and social comment. The ritualistic time in art transformed into hermeneutics of memorial spaces.

It is only in the age of electronics that once again the ritualistic time in art has been reclaimed through the notion of engagement and performitivity. The representational framework of time and space in art evolved into spaces of encounter. Moreover the semiotic discourses accommodated and acknowledged the physical spaces of light, sound as independent systems of signs and symbols in art. Finally the emergence of the cyberspace led to inter-disciplinary collaborations which are not only expanding the borders of art but also dissolving the borders of different institutional practice with art.

Indian art in the last twenty years have experienced emergence of individual initiatives engaging in these new avenues which have not only challenged the disciplinary sanctity of art but has also challenged the notion of culture as context in art. The emergence of artist collectives from different other institutional backgrounds like film ,design and literature in the last decade have surely generated a new energy in art activity but it remains to be explored whether such ventures help expand the constantly transforming spectrum of visual culture or end up in another version of formal exercises in art.

Sanchayan Ghosh  


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