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Hindol Brahmbhatt

June 22- July 24
Tamarind Art, New York


India based artist Hindol presents new large scale multimedia paintings depicting portraits of influential artists from times past. Hindol's "painterly installations" are incisive commentaries of perception and experience. Famous artists throughout history depicted in speculative portraits are reduced to their vulnerable cores suggesting a critique on how a glorious past becomes a "product" of contemporary time. Meditative yet visually dramatic, images allude to the unpredictable confluence of torched wood, etched text on plexiglass and skillfully rendered oil on canvases that only an innovative artist can produce.

His unique, painterly style constructs iconic imagery that can bring together in one frame, not only different times and spaces, but also elements from different cultures which have nothing in common with each other. To express this incongruity and chaos is actually an aim and significant formal device used in his story telling. To achieve this expression, the artist takes inspiration from Renaissance art, pop culture, and Asian pictorial traditions into his paintings, giving viewers a new understanding of contemporary life and times.



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