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Inscriptions in Bronze

Tapas Biswas
26 June to17 July
Aakriti Art Gallery


Tapas Biswas has been consistent in his predilections to raise the concern, to proselytize and to render the poetic the space which holds his bronze sculptures. In the present exhibition titled 'Inscriptions in Bronze' Tapas expresses himself without hectoring stridency surfacing with a surprise. His bronze sculptures, despite the human effort, the electrical power, casting and other means used to create the sculptures act as homage to 'paved down simplicity' of the metal and grid. The diagram that joins the matrices is never an optical effect, but an unbridled manual power, a spectacle that forces the eye to confront this manual power as if it were a foreign power. However his hands exude with cerebral potency and deep, primal energy- figurative markers celebrating and filling up the space that they navigate vividly rendered and studded with astringent apercus. This patient construction, this sense of the intrinsic worth of seeing, combines with his feeling for the poetic moments of human gesture, as he creates the "Solitary Prince". It permeates his genre scenes and portraits the gentle muteness. The world that the sculptor imposes on his images is a closed world, a world at rest, dances in frieze, a world of infinite duration"-a blend of intimacy and decorum that stands as a unique example of the sculptor's verve and language.


Nanak Ganguly





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