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Swedish Art in India


December 16 to December 31
Emami Chisel Art in collaboration with Aakriti Art Gallery and OA Gallery, Sweden

Every work of art in the exhibition causes the viewer to enter into a certain kind of relationship with the artist. Communication through art is a way of conveying feelings, whereas verbal or written communication is a way of conveying thoughts. The exhibition's foremost aim is to convey feelings. The exhibition enables the observer to absorb the expressions of emotion that first inspired the artist. The artist in the exhibition is the conveyer of clear, complex and powerful emotions and the visitor is seen as the receiver. It is this capacity of man to absorb another man's expression of emotions and to experience those emotions himself which is at the core of this exhibition. By means of movements, lines, colours, sounds, or forms expressed in words, the artist aims to convey these feelings so that others may experience the same emotions. The exhibition hopefully states that art is very important, just as important as speech. Three criteria have been in focus in the exhibition? Firstly, The individuality of the emotions being conveyed;?then the clearness with which the emotions are conveyed;? and the sincerity of the artist, i.e. the passion with which the artist feels the emotion she/he is conveying. The more individual the feeling being conveyed, the greater effect it has on the receiver. Although three criteria have been mentioned when selecting art for this exhibition, these can all be summed up in one prerequisite, and that is sincerity. This means that the artist should be inspired by an inner need to express her/his feelings or soul.



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