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Nomadic Detours

Samir Aich.
15 January to 6 February, CIMA Gallery

Samir Aich (b.1956) passed out as a graduate from the Government College of Art and Craft in 1978. His first exhibition was the group show in which he participated at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata in 1980.

Samir Aich has overcome many hurdles and faced various oddities in his yester years. He wanted to make films and ran away from his home at a young age to fulfill his dream. He was also a part of the Naxal movement and still now he is a very politically conscious person. Aich had his hand in different pies, starting from designing theatre sets, pandals and pavilions, installations, sculptures and Durga effigies. In every work he did, it can be noticed that he had been driven by the creative pursuit. In his works, abstraction can be noticed along with figurative suggestions.

Aich's paintings are expressionistic, but desolate. In his works, an unspoken pain and despair predominates. He portrays sensitivity and humanism through his works. There is a touch of trendy advertising designs in his recent works which reflects wit. For another reason this exhibition deserves to be mentioned because this is Aich's first solo show at CIMA gallery.



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