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Aakriti Art Gallery
GenNext V
October 2nd to 21st

The idea of GenNext was conceived on the noble note to exclusively promote young artists below forty years of age with an evolution in the total concept of curatorial venture. GenNext, the role-model to showcase young potentials on a global platform has graphed a unanimous change in the whole approach of looking at art. Over the years, GenNext has grown step-by-step from regional to national and then to global milieu. An evolution was churned to create a new wave in the art world. As GenNext IV reached out to the art lovers as the most effervescent experience in the assortment of expressions with innovation, experimentation and freshness, GenNext V is going to be far more effervescent with lot more intriguing things happening in the art world.

This time around thousand entries from artists across the globe had been received and a panel of experts did the final selection to put the works of thirty-two young artists together on this enthralling platform (Twenty six artists from India and six international artists.) The selected artists are Arindam Sarkar (Santiniketan), Annabel Scheneck (France), Buddhadev Mukherjee (Baroda), Chandra Nath Saha (Kolkata), Debasree Das (Baroda), D.Dhasan (Chennai), Deepak Khetri (Baroda), H.G.Ganesh Urala (Karnataka), Kaite Helps (U.K), Kasa Vinay Kumar (Chennai), Krupa Makhija (Baroda), Laura Guoke (Lithuania), Mithun Dasgupta (Kolkata), Meenakshi Sengupta (Howrah), Mohan Kumar T (Bengaluru), Mrinal Dey (Santiniketan), Muktinath Mondal (Baroda), Nabanita Guha (Kolkata), Prabhakar Alok (Patna), Ramello Francesca (Italy), Ranjan Ghosh (Hooghly), Riya Chatterjee (Gujarat), Rupa Rani (Jharkhand), Sayed Naqvi (Pakistan), ShatrughanThakur (Baroda), Santosh D. Andrade (Mangalore), Sayak Mitra (Hooghly), Siraj Saxena (U.P),  Soghra Khurasani (A.P), Vinita Dasgupta (New Delhi), Tisha Mandal (Kolkata) and Yu Zhaoyang (China).

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
Society of Contemporary Artists

October18th to 25th

Here in this exhibition, works of the members of the Society of Contemporary Artists scrutinize the living reality, which is diverse, but direct and different position of art confront the viewer in an overwhelming and dizzying fashion-exciting that it contrasts the work of major artists with widely disparate styles. What they desire is a renewal of a visual language, and the return of its object to the richness and range of experience. Some of the artists were trained to be a painter or a sculptor or a printmaker but do not fear to go into an unsheltered territory. Their art speak from the depths of the soul and reaches out to us to a world of infinitely rich theatre of their soul that weave and re- weave a potent spell for all of who dare to share in the drama. Their poise is remarkable, what these members of Society of Contemporary Artists accomplish is a discreet, satisfying mélange, each of whom is confident and possesses a sprightly distinctive approach.

Recycled Identities II
Khalil Chishtee
October 9th to 30th

THE LOFT at Lower Parel in collaboration with Seven Art Limited (New Delhi), is going to present Recycled Identities II, a solo exhibition of Pakistan based artist Khalil Chishtee. Khalil Chishtee has an aversion to socio-geopolitical labels, which in his opinion define and divide humanity, harvest differences and foster violence. His sculptures represent this view: that humanity is tormented by its compulsive need to categorize and differentiate along any number of physical, cultural, political and economic factors, ignoring the obvious common denominator of our human-ness that makes us alike. His works are hard hitting and lyrical. They gently probe the viewer to the many layers that exist in the society..

Gopal Swami Khetanchi
October 1st to 31st

Gopal Swami Khetanchi following his graduation in art and painting from Rajasthan School of Art worked in Mumbai on art direction for feature films. Khetanchi's art has journeyed through various phases and styles including realism, surrealism and abstraction, and comes in a fine assimilation of tradition and modernity with a marked influence of Raja Ravi Varma school and miniature art in some of the recent series. 

The suite of works in the exhibition are beautiful, subtle and contemplative in turn and engage the viewer in myriad different ways emphasizing the relationship between man, society, and the surrounding environment. They challenge notions around what painting stands for and where or how creativity impacts on our lives.  
The show has been curated by Archana Bahl Sapra.

Jaishri Abichandani
October 14 to November 25

Jaishri Abichandani's solo exhibition Dirty Jewels presents her recent works this October On view will be works in a diverse range of media including sculpture, photography, installations and mixed-media painting. Jaishri's works examines the political ramifications of our individual and collective identities through the lens of her experiences as a South Asian-American artist. Her works serve as commentaries on the relationship between the West and South Asia, gender issues, and the nature of authority. Jaishri has done Masters in Visual Arts from Goldsmiths College, University of London UK. She has a list of solo & group shows to her credit including 'Reconciliations' in Gallery Samukha, Bangalore and Chennai, 2008, 'Bijli: Heart of Drag Queen', Kran Film Collective Space, Brussels and GenNext IV at Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata.





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