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New Delhi

Raja Deen Dayal: The Studio Archives from the IGNCA Collection
November 19, 2010 to February 28, 2011

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) is exhibiting a cross-section of photographs of Raja Deen Dayal from its Cultural Archives. Raja Deen Dayal distinguished himself as a photographer of immense technical skill and artistic value, though he worked amidst several proficient European and Indian photographers in the second half of the nineteenth century.

The exhibition includes more than 200 photographic reproductions collected from 2857 glass plate negatives in the IGNCA archive, representing his photographic career, which spanned over three decades.

NGMA, New Delhi & Mehboob Studio, Mumbai
Anish Kapoor in India
November 28, 2010 to February 27, 2011, New Delhi
November 30, 2010 to January 16, 2011, Mumbai

Anish Kapoor's first ever exhibition in India was inaugurated at Mehboob Studio, Bandra on November 27, 2010. The exhibition is organised over two sites in New Delhi and Mumbai.

The exhibition showcases works and sculptures from the artist's early pigment-based sculptures of the 1980s to his current works in wax and polished steel.

The Exhibition is being presented by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India and National Gallery of Modern Art India, British Council and Lisson Gallery, in association with Louis Vuitton and the Tata Group.

The exhibition is also showcased at the NGMA, New Delhi from November 28, 2010 to February 27, 2011. The Director of the NGMA, Prof. Rajeev Lochan said “I am delighted that what we had been dreaming of for the past nine years has finally come to fruition”.

Nature Morte
New Delhi

“Oil on Canvas” by Subodh Gupta
December 9 to January 23

Subodh Gupta's fourth solo show in New Delhi is presented by Nature Morte. The exhibition seems to be ironically named “Oil on Canvas”, as the show is composed exclusively of sculptures, without any paintings at all. The exhibition includes a range of new sculptures, in a large variety of forms and materials. Works in bronze, marble, brass and wood can also be seen, apart from stainless steel which is the artist's most favoured medium. All of the works carry on the artist's dialogue with found and maneuvered objects, focusing on specific objects of a mundane nature that encapsulate multiple meanings and reflects on the situation of contemporary India.

Subodh Gupta has held solo exhibitions in some of the world's most important contemporary art galleries, including Hauser & Wirth (London and Zurich), Arario (Seoul and Beijing), Pinchuk Art Centre (Kiev), and Galeria Continua (San Gimignano, Italy).

New Delhi

Public Enemy Number 1 curated by Shaheen Merali
December 17 to January 23

Shaheen Merali's Public Enemy Number 1 at exhibit320 presents to us a poignant if not pleasurable picture of the gangster culture. Being a part of the visual culture, the gangster cult has shown an amazing hand-in-hand existence between representation and reality.

Public Enemy Number 1 exhibits six artists from various parts of the world, who through the visual arts, make use of their expertise to highlight the role and culture of violence that has reared generations of gangsters. With the use of history, perplexed values and conditions that shape our world, these artists diversely treat the subject according to their knowledge and understanding of the term Public Enemy Number 1. The six artists partaking are Gordon Cheung (UK), Radhika Khimji (UK), Sunil Padwal (India), Prasad Raghavan (India), Iona Rozeal Brown (USA) and Mithu Sen (India).

The lifestyle, the class, the arrogance, the male chauvinism and, needless to say, the pure amount of violence are all to be found in Public Enemy Number 1.

Galerie 88

Recent works by Dipak Banerjee
December 24, 2010 to January 15, 2011

Recent works by Dipak Banerjee will be on show at Galerie 88 from December 24, 2010 to January 15, 2011. His present series of work deserves a much closer look due to his talent in drawing geometric accuracy of tantric symbols with the unmistakable devotion of a Master in the custom of Indian miniature painting and the one who knew the degree of exactitude needed to express the thematic import effectively. The well- known image Lord Vishnu as the Universal 'creator', has been painted by Deepak Banerjee in the form of a pair of footprints as Vishnupada, Dipak Banerjee is acknowledged as the 'creator' of what was previously known as the 'Neo-Tantric' school of painting in India.

BMB Gallery, Mumbai & Rabindranath Tagore Centre, Kolkata

Dadaumpop curated by Igor Efrem Zanti
January 7 to January 15, 2011, Mumbai
February 4 to February 18, 2011, Kolkata

24 Italian artists will showcase their artworks in the show titled Dadaumpop, presented by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in association with the Consulate General of Italy, Mumbai and the Embassy of Italy, New Delhi.

The exhibition's main focus is on the relations between New Pop, Pop and Dada Anti-Art, in an attempt to outline their influences over contemporary art such as street art, lowbrow and toy culture.

Artists such as Nicola Alessandrini, Andy, Bixio, Ivana Falconi, Florraine, Hackatao, Flavio Lucchini, Marco Minotti, Silvio Monti, Ma-Si, Chiara Todero, Angelo Volpe and others will feature in the show. The artists selected for the exposition Dadaumpop are different for experiences, age and media.

Art Heritage 1 and 2
New Delhi

January 14 to February 14, 2011
Bodies That Matter by Somnath Hore
Performing the Self: A group show

Somnath Hore's paintings speak in its own language. The show titled Bodies That Matter comprises pen and ink washes by the artist. The other show titled Performing the Self will showcase paintings by artists like Bhupen Khakar, A Ramachandran, Rekha Rodwittya, Arpana Caur, Anupam Sud, Sudhir Patwardhan, Jaya Ganguly among others.




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