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Jamaat Art Gallery Mumbai
The Sculptor and the Next: Sculpture show by Sarbari and Saurav Roy Chowdhury January 8, 2011 to February 7, 2011
On 8th January 2011, JAMAAT completes its twelve year of opening. And to celebrate the twelfth anniversary, Jammat has organised a show of Sculptures in Bronze by a Master of the Contemporary Form Sarbari Roy Chowdhury and his son Saurav, from Santiniketan.

Sarbari works in bronze and though his sculptures are almost intimate in size, they have an enormous effect. His passion is classical Karnataka and Hindustani music and his collections of these are exhaustive. His bronze busts of Classical Musicians like Bade Ghulam Ali, Ali Akbar and Allauddin Khan, Kesarbai Kerkar are legendary. Saurav studied Sculpture formally at Vishwa Bharati, Santiniketan. Though his medium is bronze yet his style is quite individual.

The show is interesting, for it displays two different sculptors, from the same family, using the same medium but having very distinctive styles.

Vadehra Art Gallery New Delhi
Triumph of Vision: Paintings of Tyeb Mehta January 15, 2011 to February 18, 2011
Tyeb Mehta's solo exhibition titled Triumph of Vision will be on display at Vadehra Art Gallery from 15th January until 18th February 2011 in Delhi. The show includes paintings on canvas and drawings on paper ranging from the year 1955 to 2007.

Throughout Mehta's time as an artist his concern had been with mythologizing the tormented existence of individuals which had lent poise and an utter dignity to his forms. His painterly frame seldom assumes the magnitude of the monumental where image, tone and space coalesce towards an ascending truth. The incessant recreations of life and death impulses as inseparable movements relay a bewildering multiplicity of forms in the artists' unrestrained oeuvre.

His works record his evolution as an artist. In a lifetime's work, he has achieved, on one hand an articulation of pain and struggle, a saga of endurance, and at the same time a painterly language which parallels reality with an equal resilience. The works in this show, which extend over the last decades of his life, exemplify these transformative penchants.

Saffronart New Delhi
VS Gaitonde January 21, 2011 to February 4, 2011
Online fine-art auction house, Saffronart, is launching an exceptional gallery space at the Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi. Dinesh Vazirani, Co-founder and CEO of Saffronart, said, “Saffronart's new gallery space at the Oberoi will provide a venue to exhibit artworks by leading modern and contemporary Indian artists for auction or exhibition... We chose the Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi, for its central location and for its dedication to aesthetics, quality and service which is consistent with our own values... this gallery will ably supplement our global online presence and expand our efforts to bring unique Indian art, jewellery and real estate to the world.

To mark the opening of this gallery, Saffronart will host an inaugural exhibition of one of India's most reputed modern artists titled V.S. Gaitonde Works from Private Collections, the works in this exhibition reflect the progression and perfection of Gaitonde's unique artistic vocabulary, offering visitors an exceptional insight into the reclusive artist's life and work.

Shrine Empire Gallery New Delhi
Entropic Sites: Photo installations by Leena Kejriwal January 21, 2011 to February 21, 2011

Entropic Sites by Leena Kejriwal has exposed a very dark palimpsest of city life. She has turned the classical into kitsch, mundane into the sordid. Being engaged with few NGO's the artist is associated with several social and sexual issues, which is reflected notably in her installations and encourages us to revisit the question of our medieval relationship to slavery and prostitution, alongside benefits of a city that provides us with shelter, work and pleasure. Kejriwal's large scale photographic installation is one of the most honest testaments to this eastern dream of expansion and the rise of a technopolis on the site of the former city's carcass, embroiling human folly. Sometimes distorted, sometimes rearranged, her works are worth noticing.

Aakriti Art Gallery Kolkata

Restless Spirit: Art of Tapas Konar February 18, 2011 to March 11, 2011
Tapas Konar remains an archaeologist of the psyche, a seeker of the bottomless magic of the human. The pictoral surface, on which Konar configurates his figural images- for narrating pictoral events, remain amorphous and location neutral. For evocative reasons, he avoids references to visible phenomenon (other than human figures). He detaches the draped human figure from anatomy, by signifying those by quivering contour lines, to give out the sensation of agitation within. At times, he gives to these lines some luminous colours brighter than the colours in the surrounding areas in which the human beings, thus indicated, glow- as if with some inner light.

His mode of depicting human body sans its physicality is a means of foregrounding its sensitive capability. In his work he does not use background and foreground for staging human dramas. It is usually one whole pictorial plane for him. The only method of indicating recessional depth that he sometimes adopts, is by varying the proportional sizes of images of the same species.

Seagull Foundation for the Arts Bishop's College Chapel, Kolkata
The Last Supper: Madhvi Parekh February 20, 2011 to March 31, 2011

The Seagull Foundation for the Arts will exhibit Madhvi Parekh's paintings titled, The Last Supper from 20th February to 31st March, 2011. The Last Supper is a display of reverse painting on glass representing the artists' reflections on the life of Christ.

A self-taught artist, Madhvi Parekh, has created a space for herself in India's contemporary art practice. Her works remain true to her rural inheritance, and, at the same time, reflects in the present-day world. With an individual well-articulated language of expression, she positions herself in a space outside the tradition modernity discourse, while crossing borders both ways.



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