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June - July, 2011

Birla Academy, Kolkata
13th Third Eye Photography Festival & Slide Show 2011
June 28 to July 3, 2011

Third Eye is going to organise their 13th Photography festival at Birla Academy, Kolkata (Beside Lake Kalibari). It includes photographs on canvas and slide shows daily at 6:30pm & 7:30pm on various themes like Benaras, Rajasthan, Hardwar, Hampi and other parts of India and abroad by Mr. Atanu Paul & members of Third Eye.

The inaugural ceremony will be solemnised by world famous artist Mr. Sanatan Dinda.

Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata
Objective correlatives
July 7 to July 23, 2011

This annual show of Akriti group provides an insight into the condition of contemporary art in India and the opportunity for many questions regarding the idea of “identity” and to what extent we stretch ourselves? Frustrating full perception, the art language shifts from spectacle to presence, a psychological space where there is absence in spite of presence; and that presence is the sole key to a state in which ratiocination of any kind is suspended- the inadequacy of the faculties is accepted and the viewer advances humbly towards faith. Here concrete objects become tokens of a concealed desired principle.

The works in this exhibition of 14 artists of this premier group posit a sign well beyond the historical enterprise of the horizon- we keep in mind that this is not a strategic coalition of practicing artists here as they recite to us the entire dramatic scale of their passions and appetites. In these entire works, one can see eroticism and joyfulness as means of revolt, not an exercise of power but a tumultuous upheaval of limitation which may be called 'sovereignty'. No wonder gifted with a sense of emotivity, transcendental emotivity, so grand and precious that makes our soul tremble before the pulsating drama of their work; which construct oppositional political identities too. For themselves it is based on a generalization and provisional unity, but the analysis of the group “Open Window” cannot be based on universalistic, a historical category- painters on the outermost images of mimetic sleep that explode pictorial plane in an illusionist assault on three-dimensional reality where modernity's high idioms are kept at bay, ideas are given a free reign with visions. Here, wondrous shifts between intellectual processes and explicitly physical activities reunite the life of the mind with its bodily ground.

Seven Art limited Gallery, New Delhi
Aditi Kulkarni showcases 'Alienation of Space, ongoing experiments'
July 11 to July 28, 2011

Seven Art Limited Gallery showcases an on-site residency by Aditi Kulkarni titled 'Alienation of Space, ongoing experiments'. Pune based artist Aditi Kulkarni works with mixed-media, combining digital works into installations. Her work explores her individuality, perceptions, intuitions and various artistic processes.

Her interest in states of consciousness, hypnosis and parallel dimensions in time will lead to the construction of a site-specific installation that will employ kinetic sculpture, photography and moving images to create an immersive sensory experience at Seven Art Limited Gallery within a period of two and half weeks. She will be developing a series of works that relate to what she calls, “the alienation of space or our perceptual relationship to gravity, space, memory and the flow of time and experience”.

Her works are based on visual perception that leave it to the audience to interpret the context, to activate out of their passive role as spectators and be stimulated through visuals to create new definitions and perceptions of their own.

Emami Chisel Art, Kolkata
Contemporary Sculptures
July 14 to July 30, 2011

The exhibition 'Contemporary Sculptures' aims to present the traditional and new perception being worked out by both senior and junior practitioners of this field. Viewers enabled to look at the distinctive styles and aesthetic values inherent in the different shapes and sizes of the created forms by the various artists from Bengal. The works reveal the novel meaning of the solidity of the three-dimensional nature and the deft handling of the material for sculpting out the desired forms. The exhibition also brings to the forefront the realities and complexities of new challenges being faced by the artists. The sculptures display an eclectic synthesis of the image-symbol relationship, and in the process re-shaping the thoughts and ideas of the contemporary context.

Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi
"Relate" Watercolours by Rajat
August 1 to August 10, 2011

An arts graduate from Kolkata's Government College of Arts & Crafts (GCAC) and a creative professional in the advertising domain for the last two decades, Rajat considers his oeuvres a way to creatively express his dreams, illusions, emotions and feelings with his first solo exhibition, RELATE at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. He hopes that viewers will connect and relate with his artworks in their own way. For Rajat 'relate' means the world around him. “Ever since I realized life around, I have struck a chord with anyone and anything around me and this has defined my canvas of life... An art piece should provoke emotions in people and in order for people to respond emotionally they have to relate to art as their experience, as closely as possible to reality, “he says. The exhibition will showcase Rajat's renditions in watercolours titled Hope, Abandoned, Trinity and History to name a few.

Rajat's fascination for paintings struck since childhood. During his college he was chosen under the young artist category for a West Bengal Government project. He started his journey in 1994 at Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore where he participated in a group show of young artists.

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