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Sanatan Dinda,
11 to 17 February, Academy of Fine Arts

The kind of works that Sanatan Dinda does is hard to be comprehended in one or two words. People have to apply the finest of their senses to understand his works. The works have got a touch of super realism, or according to some-'ultra' reality. But the works do not barely showcases his acquired expertise. Dinda's works have got vivid inner reflections of his soul where he points out at questions, statements, narrations and references. A vast ocean of experiences has been incorporated in his works which range from childhood fantasies, political unrest, dangling economic status, parenthood to the unrevealed perceptions of an artist or a poet. Relationships, in varied sense of the term can also be seen in different aspects in his works. The tussle, the harmony, the tenderness and the eternity of relationships are beautifully portrayed in his canvasses. Creativity plays a pivotal role behind the paintings of Sanatan Dinda, he transforms and improvises ideas ranging from a trivial incident to any major happening. Elements from life have got a major place in his works. Dinda is a sensitive person, who has got a deep perception about the details of each and every thing around. He offers a lot of variations and facets of human life in his works which undoubtedly draws the unhindered attention of the viewers, to appreciate his paintings to the fullest extent.



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