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Roerich bridges Indo-Russian Cultural Relations

The Ministry of Culture, Government of India & National Gallery of Modern Art commemorate Indo-Russian Cultural Relations by organising a special exhibition titled “Nicholas Roerich: An Eternal Quest” at Jaipur House, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, which will be on view till April 11, 2010.

Nicolas Roerich is one of the National Art Treasure artists of India who settled here during the latter part of his life. This exhibition showcases 75 masterpieces of the artist taken from The International Centre of Roerichs, Moscow and other principal museums in India.

Roerich was a man of extraordinary talent and perseverance. He was a worshipper of beauty and had an endless thirst for knowledge. According to him, the sense of beauty can be perceived from anything or in any form. He had been trained as a painter as well as a lawyer but his knowledge was not only confined within these two peripheries. Roerich was also an archaeologist, ethnographer, geographer, poet, historian, philosopher, scientist, traveler, pugilist for peace and defended cultural values of all nations. His wisdom and inner conscience always urged him to care for the common good of mankind.

Roerich believed that if the level of spiritual culture among the people can be increased then all the crudity, unawareness and conflicts among the nations can be stopped. He was also an educational activist who was quoted saying “Where there is culture, there is peace”.

Before coming and settling in India, Roerich had travelled expansively in Russia, Europe and America. The total volume of works done by him amounts to 7000 paintings and drawings. His earlier works illustrate Russian themes along with Russian landscapes, history and folk art. He was deeply in love with the Himalayas and during his stay in this country, his works centered on these huge mountain ranges only. The vibrant and the subtle shades, tinges and tenors of the mountains at different times of the day and during different seasons have been aptly depicted in his works. The wraithlike lucidity of the Himalayas has been the main theme for his paintings till his death. For this Roerich was decreed as the 'Master of the Mountains'. A sense of spirituality was embedded inside him and he could find a serene, grave and potent spiritual essence in the mountains. He called the Himalaya- 'Treasure house of the Spirit'.

The bequest of Roerich is a combined Russian-India cultural heritage. The galleries and museums who have helped to make this venture a success include International Centre of the Roerichs, (ICR) Moscow, Russia, The International Roerich Trust, Naggar; Allahabad Museum; Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery; Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh; Bharat Kala Bhavan, Varanasi and NGMA.

Extensive assortments of prints, portfolios and memorabilia have been expressly created for this exhibition. Special films on the life and work of Nicholas Roerich will be screened daily during this exhibition.



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