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Stains on my Chintz


Group Show
The Harrington Street Arts Centre
7 February to 20 March 

“Stains on my Chintz” is a group show of six artists who belong to the colonized cultures prevailing in different parts of the world. The participants are Archana Hande from Mumbai (India), Lavanya Mani, Baroda (India), Dr. Paula Sengupta, Kolkata (India), Teresa Cole, New Orleans (U.S.A), Joscelyn Gardner, Barbados (Canada) and Michele Elliot, Sydney (Australia). The exhibition has been curated by Dr. Paula Sengupta, senior lecturer in the Dept. of Graphics (Printmaking), Faculty of Visual Arts, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata and Secretary of Khoj Kolkata, an artist-led initiative dedicated to promoting alternative art practices. The main pillars of their practice, the languages that they are used to, the varied materials and media used by them in making this project deal with the politics, procedures and the brunt of colonization on the post-colonial world. The fact that is most discernible in them is that their viewpoints as obtained from the field of influence and passing through the phases of history have been regarded as non-masculine. All of the participants have come up with contexts that belong to their places of origin. They often mix them with the mores they have come across throughout their lives. But the common string which lies among their works is the post colonial culture and the societal changes which engulfed the different parts of the world and where these artists belong to.





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