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June – July 2010

'The Art of the Book'

Digital collages by Sunandini Banerjee at Seagull Art and Media Resource Centre.

19 June to 17 July.

It is an exhibition of books, craft of making books and art connected with it. Celebrating 28 years in publishing Seagull Books presented here the development of making of book from letterpress to direct to plate, from 'setting in metal' to digital technology. There were a few pieces of painting and sculpture by Somnath Hore, Chandana Hore, Goutam Chowdhury, Arunima Chowdhury and others, which enhanced the aesthetics of the show.

'Abreast Totems'

A show of selected artists and teachers from Baroda at Mon Art Gallery.

19 June to 18 July.

Participant artists were Susanta Pal, Kundan Mondal, Haraprasad Tripathy, Kumar Jasakia, Uday Mondal, Shibani Bhalla, BV Suresh, Mayyur Kailash Gupta, Nilotpal Sinha, Haresh Dropal, Pooja Panchal, Debasree Das, M. Sashidharan, Indrapramit Roy, Bhrigu Sharma, Rahul Mukherjee, Vasudevan Akkitham, Deepak Kannal.

First Death Anniversary of the Renowned Artist Sailen Mitra (1933 2009)


Society of Contemporary Artists Gallery, 20 June.

The renowned artist, member of Society of Contemporary Artists, Sailen Mitra expired on 20 June 2009. SCA celebrated his first death anniversary and released a CD on the life and works of the artist. Dr. Debashis Bhattacharya's contribution was noteworthy in materializing the project.

'Inscriptions in Bronze'

Sculptures of Tapas Biswas. Aakriti Art Gallery.

26 June to 17 July.

Tapas Biswas is a young sculptor who has made his graduation from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata in 1998 and post-graduation from Benaras Hindu University. Through sincere effort and experimentation during last one decade he has evolved his own form exploring the existential dilemma and experimenting with architectural and landscape elements and has made an important mark in the form of contemporary sculpture. The present exhibition showcased about 20 of his bronzes, small and large, where his works reflected all the above characteristics and also the unique technique of his casting.

Recent Works by SH Raza

Akar prakar Gallery.

3 to 21 July.

18 recent works by Paris based Indian artist, SH Raza, who was a member of Bombay Progressive Group formed in 1947, were on view. Through expressionist and geometrical abstraction Raza highlighted on the spiritual sensibility based on Indian philosophical contemplation.


An exhibition of paintings by eminent artists from South India. Gallery Nakshatra.

18 June to 14 July.

The exhibition offers an extensive survey of art scene of Southern India featuring paintings by Akshay Anand, Bala Bhakta Raju, Chippa Sudhakar, Din Reddy, Ganesh Pasupuleti, Harshvardhan, J.M.S.Mani Kahini Arte Marchant, Laxma Goud, Narendranath, Nandini Goud, Pradeep Puthur, Ramesh Gorjala, S. Natraj, Srikant Kohle, Shamshad Husain, Srinivas, Sachin Jaltare, Thota Vaikuntham and Vimia.

'Last Supper' by Johanne Zoffany

Unveiling of the completely restored painting at St Jone's church, BBD Bagh on 3 July at 5 pm.

Johanne Zoffany (1733 1810) was a renowned German neo-classical painter. He gained prominence as a portrait painter of the British royal family. He came to Calcutta in 1783. In 1787 he was commissioned to paint 'Last Supper' to adorn St John Church of Calcutta founded by Warren Hastings. With the passage of time the condition of the painting deteriorated. It has now been restored through collaboration of INTACH and Goethe-Institute / Max Muller Bhavan under the able supervision of German restorer Renate Kant.


Birla Academy of Art & Culture.

3 to 25 July.

Exhibition of paintings and sculptures of eight young artists who were awarded in the annual exhibition of Birla academy held in January 2010. Amit Kr. Debnath and Sushanta Kumar Maharana showed their sculptures, Chandraval Mukherjee and Sayantani Datta their graphic works, Kalyan Chakraborty showed Indian style of paintings, Kaushik Raha water colours, Manjdipa Saha's works were drawing based, Sujit Das showed his paintings in acrylic.

'Water Colours'

Shyamal Sen at Gallery 79.

2 to 6 July.

Veteran artist Shyamal Sen uses transparent water colour with skill and poetic sensibility.In this show he painted about 30 works depicting landscape and flowers.

'Building the Nation Through Income Tax'

Workshop at Kolkata Town Hall organized by Income Tax Department, Govt of India.

12 & 13 July.

To celebrate Income Tax Department's 150 years' of service to the nation this two-day workshop was held on the above theme. It was followed by exhibition of the works in the same venue on 14 and 15 July, The same exhibition was previously shown at AIFACS, New Delhi, which was inaugurated by the Finance Minister on 24 July. 30 artists, painters and sculptors participated in the event.

   - Mrinal Ghosh   



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