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Art Events: Kolkata
April - May 2010

'Summer Show'

CIMA. 12 April to 14 August.

Featuring the works of four sculptors and 34 painters culled from West Bengal and some other parts of India. The exhibition reflects a glimpse of the contemporary trends of art practice. Some of the participating artists are Sharbari Roy Chowdhury, Niranjan Pradhan, Bimal Kundu, Tapas Biswas in sculpture, Bhupen Khakhar, Paramjit Singh, Jogen Chwdhury, Ramananda Banerjee, Shakti Barman, Shubhaprasanna, Chitrabhanu Majumder, Anju Dodia, Paresh Maity, Kingshuk Sarkar, Reshmi Bagchi Sarkar, Shipra Bhattacharya, Mayanka Kumar Shyam, Bhuri Bai, Shakila and many others in painting.

'Nature Revisited'

A Curated Show at Gallery Sanskriti. 21 April to 01 June.

Jagannath Panda

Curated by Jayashree Chakraborty and Aniruddha Chari this exhibition was not just representation of landscapes. The artists constructed and deconstructed natural objects to 'visually articulate some of the radical new ways of responding to the environment and its constituent elements'. The curatorial note states, 'This project seeks to strike an elegiac note, mourning for what is already lost, pleading for the conservation and survival of what is left'. The participating artists were: Debnath Basu, Nantu Behari, Tapas Biswas, Jayashree Chakraborty, Adip Dutta, Rajan Krishnan, KS Radhakrishna, Jagannath Panda, Manisha Parekh, Mithu Sen and Anjum Singh.

'Dakshin Paschim'

Curated show at Emami Chisel Arts. 23 April to 15 May.

Barun Chowdhury  

Featuring paintings, sculptures, installation and video of 61 senior and upcoming artists from Southern and Western part of our country this exhibition curated by Dr. Archana Roy sought to examine the trends of transformation of forms of art of these two regions since 1940-s till the present time.


Paintings of Sanatan Saha at Galerie 88. 23 April to 15 May.

Sanatan Saha

The young artist from Santiniketan who made his MFA from Kala Bhavana in 2005 this was Sanatan's second solo featuring 21 works in oil and acrylic on canvas. His first solo was held at Aicon Gallery, USA in 2008. The paintings depict the 'human drama being enacted at various social orders and find sympathetic resonance in viewers' mind.

'Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe?'

Art works of Mehreen Murtaja at Experimenter. 24 April to 26 June.

An artist from Pakistan 'her visual narrative intertwine a traditional background with popular culture. Absorbing, both Sufi influences and the skewed logic of science fiction, her digital collages are a virtual world that harnesses intelligent fictions'

Newly Developed Art Exhibition Space and Sculpture Court

At Town Hall of Kolkata. 24 April to 23 May

Govt. of West Bengal and Kolkata Municipal Corporation have jointly initiated this exhibition space. It was inaugurated on 24 April with two large exhibitions, one of paintings & the other of sculptures, featuring works of many of the senior and upcoming contemporary working artists of West Bengal.

'Prints 21'

Studio 21. 7 to 29 May.

Seven young artists Srikanta Paul, Dhupadi Ghosh, Jayasree Basak, Santanu Chakraborty, Riddhi Narayan Nandy, Sujay Mukherjee and Annabal Schenck have in different way explored the possibility of the mediums of graphic prints.

'Of Myth, Metaphor and Allegory'

Mon Art Gallery. 8 to 29 May.

Pappu Bardhan

The exhibition showcases the recent works of four artists born after 1970, K. Prasun Roy, Pappu Bardhan, Prithwiraj Mali and Sharmi Chowdhury. The last three of them are now based in Baroda being shifted from elsewhere. K. Prasun Roy is Kolkata based. They have a common project to analyze: 'what is the nature of the national allegory in a multinational capitalistic third world?'

'Re-exploring the Explored'

Gandhara Art Gallery. 15 to 28 May.

Chhatrapati Dutta   

Figurative paintings in water colour mostly exploring the crisis within human existence by the artists Amritah Sen, Chandra Bhattacharjee, Chhatrapati Dutta, Debraj Goswami, Debasish Manna, Kaustav Nag, Manjari Chakravarti, Mithu Sen and Shekhar Baran Karmakar.

'Progress of Non-Abstract Geometry'

Solo show of paintings of Ritendra Roy at Aakriti Art Gallery. 18 May to 5 June.

Ritendra Roy

Based on city architecture Ritendra has explored the various aspects of geometrical constructions in his paintings. Pranabranjan Roy in he catalogue essay comments, 'Ritendra's concern with form and composition, at the end of the day, appears secondary to his latent and more potent concern with the configuration of images into imagery'

'Continuing To Dream'

Katayun Saklat at Gallery K2. 18 May to 10 June.
Profoundly personal imageries of the artist covey the pleasures of her experiences with the life.


Mrinal Ghosh




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