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The New Order Beauty

22January to 22 February,
Palette Art Gallery 

Palette Art Gallery of New Delhi is a modern space which has hosted a number of brilliant exhibitions in the recent past. The recent exhibition named 'The New Order Beauty' is a spectacular group show comprising of artists from India, Pakistan, South Africa, Malaysia and Italy.

The artists are Pushpamala N, Vibha Galhotra, Remen Chopra, Archana Hande, Parvati Nayar, Faiza Butt, Sharlene Khan, Jacques Crenn, Serena Scapgnini, Ise Ngentot and Babi Badalov. Among the participants, Serena Scapagnini who got her first break by getting selected in Gennext IV exhibition at Aakriti Art Gallery. After that she got wide exposure in the Indian Art Scene.

All the artists have been working in the new media for a pretty long time. They have dealt with videos, digital media and emerged as character in their works. All the artists have different ideas and they implement them in their own possible way, but the commonness lies in the formation of the new order of beauty.

This exhibition focuses on the different ideas of beauty. The post modern era has witnessed fragmentation and the sense of beauty getting aloof gradually. The aesthetic aspects of the ancient Indian philosophy must be incorporated in the modern art forms. In the olden times, there was an entirety in the multiple coordination of mind, memory and intellect. This exhibition is about reaching the past tradition through a rigorous experimentation process in the modern day context. It's the sense of beauty which helps a person to embark on higher self. Indian contemporary art should be given a new dimension by bringing in the rational and spiritual traditions of philosophy into the works.








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