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The Wreckage


Swapan Kumar Mallick

3rd June to 9th June

Academy of Fine Arts (North Gallery)

Swapan Kumar Mallick, a post graduate in Fine Arts with specialization in Painting from the University of Hyderabad and graduate from Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata executes his art as the spontaneous conjugation of the traditional symbolism and the contemporary jargons thereby exploring beyond the portrayal of a context in formulation of a concept that heightens the visual world to the level of an allegorical plane. Swapan's works are borne of an intrinsic metaphysical quality where he can easily amalgamate the common cult with his artistic avant-garde and thus, swap the old and the new images in the making of his statement. The juxtaposition of the modern day cults like a pair of jeans, optical mouse, lubricating condoms, mobile etc with traditional associative symbols like snake, apple, fish, turtle, and flower where he can vigorously slice up human limbs and sexual organs as psychic elements of mind and allows them to float on a luminous flat ground with a dream quality in the picture-plane is the most intriguing part of his works.






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