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 P. R. Narvekar

5th August to 28th August
Aakriti Art Gallery

Narvekar's long struggle to build up a form containing his own identity, exemplify how assimilation of tradition with universal values can find an aesthetic resurrection and uplift the local to the level of global. At a certain level of his career he could realize that apart from creating narratives and describing the here and now reality, a major function of the artist lies in creating an essential form that quintessentially grows from the inner consciousness and subconscious of the artist. The uniqueness of such 'form' along with unveiling of the inner being of the artist enlightens a community-oriented identity that acts as a bridge between national and international ideals of beauty, transforms the local into global. All his paintings in this show are figurative and human based. He distorts or transforms the figure rhythmically, rather extracts rhythm from the essence of civilization and induces it within the human figures so that these resonate with an inner harmony.




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