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Tryst with modernity & tradition


Satish Gujral
Cymroza Art Gallery
24 February to 31 March

According to Satish Gujral, new tradition evolves when a change comes in the moods of living and simultaneously the cultures are affected. In this exhibition he has tried to showcase the contemporary man at work and play through imagery. And this to his vision represents the physical and aesthetic form of the times he lives in. Gujral has been changing his forms of works and each new phase of works depicts his creative doctrine. This phase of works exudes two different things, one is the unavoidable modernity and the other is the age old traditions and values. The works have been done with human forms, simple machines and deities as the main constituents. All the works are very soothing and do not disturb the viewers' attention. According to Gujral, one of the major qualities of the Indians is their ability to adapt to leisure and hardship with equal capabilities. The most important factor that facilitates this is the religious faith of the Indians that contains defeatist elements as well as the astounding capability to perceive dissonant elements. The paintings show the courage of merriment poised with the rich human experience.

From the very early days Satish Gujral has been aware of the socio-political situation of the country. The current art trend in India follows a universal pattern, overlooking the traditional aspects and this haunts Gujral the most. He thinks that if tradition is not followed then, the communicative basis is lost. Gujral is fond of using poignant and rational freedom to systematise the frame of mind into an amalgamated expression.





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