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15th July to 14th August
Latitude 28, F/208, Lado Sara


The Baroda trio has shared a common ideology and their works exemplify the contemporary vocabulary evolving at the Baroda School today. The works bring forth the mediumistic shift as well as experimentation with the existing ones supplemented by vibes of a candid and fresh thought process, positing communication with a larger audience.

For instance, Nitya Nanda Ojha's sculpture explores the materialistic realm in his artistic space dispersing objects of an odd fascination. The object of Ojha's artwork generally revolves around the abstract philosophies associated with it. His artwork, titled Masturbation, made of junk jewelry, M-Seal and acrylic, tries to weave in the philosophy of existential enticement into the minds of the viewer. On the other hand, Kartik Sud, grandson of veteran artist Anupam Sud, displays a series of surreal light installations.

Siddarth Kararwal's artworks involve the usage of ordinary everyday materials like plastic bags, foam sheets, firecrackers, cardboard, bronze, iron, copper, fibre, clay and plaster of paris. He explains about his work Bad Medicine: “Conceived earlier this year with a multitude of thoughts, the work tries to bring out certain questions which we mostly try to overlook, but when scrutinized from a close angle it unfolds some deeper realities of a contemporary life and society.”



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