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Visual Diary

Chandra Bhattacharjee

14 to 30th January, Galerie 88

This exhibition is not a diary in true sense of the term. This is a compilation of all the works that the artist has done, not only at his studio, but beyond the confinement of canvasses as well. That can be an etching or painting on the everyday use items like pieces of papers, invitation cards, and letters or on any thing where the pen and brush can be made to some use. This can be adjudged as a prelude to the start of a large scale work.

The works can also be interpreted as the capturing of a momentous triviality on any medium whatsoever or an outcome of a marathon thought process. All the works are not always proper paintings but scrawling on paper as well. But what ever the work may be, they are not always done within the regularity of the studio environment. It so happened that one of the ideas was conceived while working night shifts in a leading national daily as a graphic designer.

This exhibition reflects the transformation of the artist from his mainstream work, a crude understanding of the contemporary art and the playful changes of the everyday world. However, the process of practicing art has been continuous for the artist, over a long period of time.





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